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Reimagining Justice

Jul 5, 2021

Episode no. 59 is with Nicole Bradick, Founder and CEO of Theory and Principle.

Our discussion covers:

  • Nicole’s journey from civil rights trial lawyer to CEO of a design and development company;
  • Why 2018 was the right time to start Theory and Principle;
  • Whether Theory and Principle responds to or creates a legaltech market;
  • Why the Mission statement is to improve legal experience for all;
  • Nicole’s focus on deliverables rather than size of the company and what will enable scale given the large pipeline of work;
  • How she manages a broad and diverse scope of work for legal tech companies, large law firms and non-profits;
  • Current and forthcoming products Theory and Principle have built for clients and in-house (Map Engine and a project to leverage pro bono work);
  • Keys to managing a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, engineers and designers;
  • How they use workflows/standard operating procedures when the way they do things is constantly changing;
  • How Theory and Principle creates efficiency while developing bespoke projects;
  • When it’s appropriate for a lawyer to design a product and when you need a specialist designer or UX expert;
  • How building a digital product is difficult even if you’ve done it before;
  • Theory and Principle’s unique value proposition;
  • What technology you should use to create an MVP and meet business goals;
  • The limitations of grant funding for digital justice products;
  • What will kill even the most phenomenal product;
  • How Theory and Principle measures whether a product is successful;
  • The relative importance of legaltech, legal aid and pro bono casework;
  • A particularly exciting project looking at innovative ways to increase people’s income;
  • How to transform legaltech from being passive to proactive and reducing cycles of poverty;
  • What bothers her most about the legaltech ecosystem in the USA;
  • Which part of the legal sector is developing the best solutions;
  • The biggest surprise that led her to success; and
  • Nicole’s definition of legal innovation!

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