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Reimagining Justice

Aug 30, 2021

In episode no. 63 I speak with Genevieve Wilkinson, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, and Dana Rutner Law and Journalism Student at the University of Technology Sydney and team leader of “Moral Code”, the winning team of 2021 Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for social justice winning team. We discuss:

  • what attracted Dana to the challenge;
  • the format of the Law Tech Challenge, and the stakeholders involved;
  • the critical role of mentors from Allens and the importance of the Neota training;
  • what made the difference to working well as a team;
  • how the teams gained a thorough understanding of the issues facing their partner not-for-profit Autism Spectrum Australia, “Aspect”; how they tested their ideas and the apps;
  • the winning “Raffle app” – what’s unique about it, how it assists Aspect and its likely impact; is potential to scale and the challenges in achieving that;
  • ethical issues relating to technology including from a human rights perspective;
  • other apps created during the challenge to assist not-for-profit partners including Siana - helping International Social Service Australia with international child abduction applications under the Hague convention; Apollo - a volunteer coordination app for Respect Now Always; and Empower Her - reporting and providing feedback for the mentoring program for the Women's Justice Network;
  • the key thing Dana learnt from this experience;
  • the points of difference in this program;
  • the benefits of collaboration between a law school and its students, not-for-profits, software providers and a law firm!
  • Dana and Genevieve’s one word to describe the challenge; and
  • Dana and Genevieve’s definitions of legal innovation.
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