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Reimagining Justice

Sep 20, 2021

In episode no. 64 I speak with Aniket Doegar, CEO and co-founder of HESPL (Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Limited), a social impact organisation working on easing access to welfare in India. We cover:

  • What Haqdarshak offers to people and how its services are delivered through the most trustworthy channel;
  • The key reasons that people in India don’t access government social services;
  • Bridging the information gap between the government and its citizens;
  • Why Haqdarshak works with local women and the training they receive;
  • The challenges of training people in digital literacy;
  • How many families and small businesses they’ve assisted, and how many female entrepreneurs they’ve trained;
  • Collaborations they’re working on;
  • The impact of the pandemic on their programs and technology channels and key factor meaning they could continue operating during the pandemic;
  • The importance of both in-person and online options;
  • Haqdarshak’s funding model and how they engage corporates to pay for justice (20min);
  • The barriers they’ve faced in obtaining government information and the resources they use to keep it accurate and up to date;
  • The reason they don’t advocate for change, even though they have lots of data;
  • Why investing in their tech stack has facilitated innovation;
    The focus on the product first before scaling the program;
  • Aniket’s background in the social justice sector;
  • How using human centred design saved a lot of time along the entrepreneurial journey;
  • The best form of technology to employ;
  • How they got clear on their mission and vision; and especially what not to do;
  • Haqdarshak’s roadmap to incrementally scale, improve process and culture in order to reach 100M people;
  • What “Haqdarshak” means; and
  • Aniket’s definition of legal innovation.

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