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Reimagining Justice

Nov 23, 2020

In this episode no. 47, I speak with Stevie Ghiassi, CEO and co-founder of Legaler, and Chairman of Legaler Aid. Our discussion covers:

  • The mission of Legaler Aid and how it works in practice
  • What inspired Stevie to found Legaler Aid to address the justice gap
  • How Legaler Aid is expanding the network of lawyers doing pro bono work
  • What Stevie considers the first step in modernising legal services
  • Why incorporating blockchain technology is critical
  • Video conferencing technology Legaler and its application during the pandemic
  • The work of the Australian Legal Technology Association (“ALTA”)
  • Tips for founders including where to base yourself and getting the structure right
  • The pending launch of comprehensive global research about the business of legal tech, the Global Legal Technology Report and Directory
  • Stevie’s definition of legal innovation!

Proudly sponsored by Neota Logic and Legally Yours.


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