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Reimagining Justice

Mar 7, 2022

In episode no. 73 my special guest is Dr Anne Wallace, Adjunct Professor La Trobe University and Deputy Director Sir Zelman Cowen Centre. We discuss:

  • what first prompted Anne’s interest in technology and court processes;
  • court innovations from the 1990’s and how those initiatives have progressed;
  • how courts and lawyers have adapted to the pandemic;
  • how close we are to a virtual court;
  • advantages of audio visual links for providing evidence and what should determine whether it should be adopted more broadly;
  • what currently informs court strategy and what should do so;
  • court surveys and what they uncover;
  • the potential for courts and researchers to work together to develop indicators to measure people’s experience;
  • the potential for apps and SMS messages to assist litigants given the proliferation of mobile phone usage;
  • automate and enable people to do preliminary work paired with intelligent assistance – CRT;
  • the opportunity for lawyers to use technology to diversify their services and tap into the latent legal market;
  • why the Victorian court’s response to the pandemic didn’t surprise her;
  • courts’ awareness of the need for ‘innovation’ and the relevance of that language;
  • how working with an architect and other disciplines provided Anne with new insights;
  • changes in the mindset of members of the legal industry and Judges;
  • how legal education could encourage multidisciplinary engagement;
  • Anne’s predictions about technology in courts as we move through the pandemic;
  • Imaginative dispute resolution in overseas jurisdictions; and 
  • Anne’s definition of legal innovation.

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