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Reimagining Justice

May 17, 2021

Episode no. 57 features Anne-Marie Cade, Founder of coaching and mediation service Divorce Right. Our discussion covers:

  • why Anne-Marie pivoted from traditional legal practice to coaching and mediation;
  • what conflict coaching, divorce coaching and parenting coordination actually is;
  • how the structured coaching process and setting goals empowers clients to make better decisions;
  • how shifting mindsets aids conflict resolution and results in a win/win situation;
  • the different aspects of a divorce that many people don’t initially consider and the importance of explaining the process clearly to clients;
  • the process required for clients to make decisions they can stick with;
  • how different communication styles can influence the other party’s response;
  • how parenting coordination helps parents navigate their co-parenting relationship post-divorce;
  • the circumstances in which Courts appoint parenting coordinators;
  • the best time to appoint a parenting coordinator and why;
  • training and qualifications required to be a parenting coordinator;
  • whether people other than lawyers can effectively undertake quasi-legal activities;
  • what Anne-Marie aims to research on her Churchill Fellowship;
  • the profession’s attitude to this innovation and its role in access to justice;
  • Anne-Marie’s views on how technology can be most effective in the family law context including online mediation, disclosure and apps;
  • how Divorce Right’s online “Divorce GPS” assists;
  • how her clients have embraced online mediation and online family law forms;
  • how she rebalances the traditional power imbalance between lawyer and client;
  • the importance of understanding your own values and active listening as a lawyer and a client; and
  • Anne-Marie’s definition of legal innovation!

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