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Reimagining Justice

Feb 3, 2020

In today’s episode no. 27, I interview Meera Klemola, legal designer extraordinaire.

We discuss what Meera appreciates about design - how it can break down silos between lawyers and other professionals, allow for empathy, change mindsets and de-risk solutions.

I asked her the benefits and limitations of design thinking and how it compares to systems thinking. Meera has carefully considered all these issues through her work and postgraduate study into teaching design to non-designers, in particular lawyers. We also covered the essential ingredients of a successful design thinking project and how to evaluate effectiveness, something I’m always interested in.

If you want to hear me being put on the spot with a creativity exercise definitely tune in. You might also be surprised about Meera’s views on whether anyone can practise legal design and whether it should be taught in law schools.

Meera’s philosophy is to enable courageous change with design and technology. As a trusted advisor to global brands and top tier law firms, she is constantly exploring the ways design and technology can strategically advance businesses and legal systems.

Formerly, Lead Legal Designer of a Nordic Law Firm, Meera was responsible for the integration and scaling of design practices through the firm to transform its offerings. She also spearheaded a series of design driven ventures for the firm including co-founding Europe's first legal design agency. In March last year, she founded Observagency.

Both a strategic designer and lawyer, Meera holds a unique combination of qualifications in Law, Commerce and Design Management, giving her a truly multidisciplinary perspective and rare mix of creative, strategic and analytical know-how.

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