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Reimagining Justice

Mar 29, 2021

Episode no. 54 is with Sheetal Deo, Founder of Shakti Legal Solutions and Ethnic+. Our discussion covers:

  • An image problem the legal profession has created itself;
  • Her key reasons for starting Shakti Legal Solutions;
  • The mechanics of its unique model;
  • The resistance she faced as a junior lawyer in establishing a law firm;
  • How Sheetal is helping other lawyers who want to help, bridge the justice gap;
  • Who is responsible for access to justice;
  • Her learning curve relating to the business of law and what assistance she received;
  • How knowing your strengths and opportunities for improvement is useful;
  • Her thoughts on lawyers having a duty to innovate;
  • The barriers to legal innovation;
  • Her advocacy for CALD and rainbow communities through Ethnic+ and other activities;
  • How systems and structures, not individuals perpetuate the status quo;
  • The connection between diversity, inclusion and access to justice;
  • The lack of accessibility of lawyers and legal services;
  • What “privilege” really means;
  • How Sheetal plans to use her privilege to increase the visibility of underrepresented communities; and
  • Sheetal’s definition of legal innovation!

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