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Reimagining Justice

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode no. 33 I speak with Quinten Steenhuis, Clinical Fellow at Suffolk University Law School doing what I would describe as ground-breaking work through a project responding to the covid19 crisis by bringing essential legal services online.

But before this project, as a senior housing attorney and systems administrator at Greater Boston Legal Services Quinten had developed MADE, an effective legal tech product assisting people with eviction proceedings. He also runs his own consulting business Lemma Legal focusing on user-facing technology projects.

You’ll no doubt hear the excitement in my voice as we discuss MADE and the current document assembly line project which needs many adjectives to describe it because it’s ticking so many boxes. It’s global, responsive, innovative (of course), collaborative, necessary and open source.

And Quinten told me that they are still looking for volunteers so if you’re interested follow the links in the show notes.

And another thing that will be really interesting to you even if you aren’t a community lawyer but one of the many innovative lawyers listening is the information Quinten shared about the process of starting, testing and implementing a document automation project.

There are significant differences between the design of client facing products and internal information systems and we cover this including the legal information/advice issue.

You will gain insight into the benefits to your business of these kinds of approaches, including clients’ ability to access information after-hours and the time savings, which will consequently enable you to spend time assisting more clients or with your existing clients on higher value tasks.

I’m very grateful to Neota Logic for sponsoring the podcast. Neota Logic is a leading no-code AI automation platform, providing professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to rapidly build applications that automate any aspect of their services.

This episode brought to you by Neota Logic.


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