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Reimagining Justice

Oct 4, 2021

In episode no. 65 I speak with Michael Green SC, Barrister and founder of Barnet.

The discussion covers:

  • Open Law and how technology can make information more accessible;
  • Who are custodians of legal information and how to best maintain it for future generations;
  • The importance of libraries, their centrality to the law and the function of a library in an online world;
  • The changes to the practise of law over the past few decades due to digitisation;
  • Issues of copyright in digitising Commonwealth Law Reports in the “One to a hundred project”
  • A failed experiment in the law:
  • How BarNet’s purpose and activities have changed since 1997 including splitting the networking and the legal publishing functions;
  • How legal researchers select online research platform;
  • Why JADE considers cases at the “paragraph level” and how it actually works in terms of citations, note-ups and the technology and research that supports it;
  • Current research into the differences in information retention from paper and electronic means;
  • The function” of paper in reflection and contemplation, and limitations of online research;
  • The question of ownership and resourcing of online materials;
  • The role of predictive analytics and imagination in moving our society forward;
  • The difficulty in reconciling different lenses through which we should regulate AI;
  • The need to think carefully about the role of justice, courts and litigants;
  • How Michael has maintained a busy practice at the bar and an online research company; and
  • Michael’s definition of legal innovation.

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