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Reimagining Justice

Mar 31, 2019

In this episode no. 7, I speak with Chrissie Lightfoot, a London based lawyer, creator of Robot Lawyer Lisa and CEO of Entrepreneur Lawyer, a global consulting company. Chrissie is an international speaker and author and last year was named one of the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech.

The theme for this episode is “robot lawyers and automating legal expertise” with a tagline “it’s all about the customer” as this is a big driver for Chrissie.

In the conversation we cut through the hype about robot lawyers to describe what they really are and what they really do. We also talked about regulation of lawyers and law tech products and people’s trust and uptake of technology.

Chrissie shares the experiences that led her to this point and by the end of the episode you will have heard how AI can be incorporated into legaltech and law tech products, understand Chrissie’s purpose and just what it takes to be an entrepreneur working at the cutting edge of legal innovation for the everyday consumer of legal services.


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