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Reimagining Justice

Nov 1, 2021

In episode no. 67 I speak with Kate Briscoe, of LegalBeagles. The discussion covers:

  • how Kate’s inability to get a job played a part in starting LegalBeagles;
  • how LegalBeagles works today;
  • the large numbers of threads and visitors to the site;
  • the emerging areas of law covered by LegalBeagles;
  • who the volunteers are, what training they undertake to assist on the platform and why Kate thinks they contribute;
  • how LegalBeagles is filling a gap and providing assistance that isn’t being provided anywhere else including from the funded Citizens Advice Bureau;
  • LegalBeagles’ governance structure and relationship with professional legal regulation;
  • Kate’s views on how a lot of innovation initiatives put the “cart before the horse”;
  • the many reasons it may not be appropriate to go to a lawyer;
  • how machine learning is drawing on LegalBeagles’ employment law data to provide instant responses;
  • various set-backs LegalBeagles has experienced including loss of a major partner;
  • Kate’s thoughts on the role of the legal profession in addressing the justice crisis;
  • sources of monetisation and sustainability of the platform;
  • where legal consumers actually go for legal help and how they know who to trust;
  • the link between litigation, health and justice;
  • how the model is saving lives; and
  • Kate’s definition of legal innovation.

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