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Reimagining Justice

Jul 7, 2019


In this episode no. 14, I speak with Joanna Mendoza, a member of the California State Bar Board of Trustees since 2013, and currently a member of the Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services.

Joanna and I discussed the recommendations voted upon by the Task Force on 28 June and where to from here. She shared why people from disciplines other than law need to be on a body that regulates lawyers, and where the risks should lie in the provision of legal services. We also talked about the wild card standing between the recommendations and their official implementation.

You will be interested in this interview if you want to understand the relationship between professional legal regulation and access to legal services, the influence of places like Silicon Valley on challenging the lawyers’ monopoly, and an emerging thread of the podcast, the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of any solution.

If you teach, study or enforce ethical rules, or have an idea that could potentially scale legal advice - lawyer or not; or are a potential investor in legal tech products or services – you won’t want to miss this conversation about the shifting sands of legal regulation….


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