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Reimagining Justice

Jul 19, 2021

Episode no. 60 is with Stephanie Rudolph, Deputy Director of

JustFix is an American not for profit which believe all tenants deserve dignified housing - and that technology plays a supportive role in equipping tenants and the housing justice movement with the tools, information, and organizing power critical to this fight for racial and economic justice.

JustFix co-creates tools with tenants, organizers, and legal advocates to fight displacement and achieve stable, healthy housing for all, leveraging the power of data and technology to support individual and collective action for housing justice. 

Our discussion covers:

  • Statistics and types of housing issues prevalent in New York City and the impact of Covid19;
  • Perverse consequences of rent laws which disproportionately affect low income, and elderly tenants;
  • Justfix services and how it's been assisting people during the pandemic including with the hardship declaration and eviction tracker tools;
  • A recent and surprising change to Housing Court process;
  • How Justfix ensures its online tools are as accessible as possible;
  • How Justfix increases tenants’ options for interacting with courts and the ‘Who owns what?’ tool empowers tenants;
  • The Design Advisory Council and how it engages both experts and community;
  • The benefits of unrestricted project funding;
  • What software Justfix relies on;
  • How justfix got started as an organisation and how it measures its effectiveness now;
  • The differences Steph has experienced betwen project-based and casework;
  • Justfix’s future plans including to provide national assistance; and
  • Steph’s definition of legal innovation.

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