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Reimagining Justice

Mar 15, 2021

Episode no. 53 features Geoff Mulherin. Our discussion covers:

  • The mandate of the Foundation and its practical approach to addressing legal needs;
  • The importance of regular empirical evidence-based research;
  • Findings from interviewing 21000 people about their legal needs;
  • Where people most often go for legal assistance;
  • How integrated multi-disciplinary services can help;
  • Why the foundation developed interactive online legal data dashboards;
  • Whether funding for justice needs redistributing across or within government portfolios;
  • The need to view the justice system as a whole and reflect on who is included and excluded;
  • The disproportionate amount of court resources for complex litigation as compared to legal aid budgets;
  • The OECD and people-centred justice;
  • The opportunity that the pandemic provides, to improve the operation of the justice system;
  • The epidemiology of law and the need for “upstream strategic thinking” for justice; and
  • Geoff’s definition of legal innovation!

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