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Reimagining Justice

Jun 23, 2019

In this episode no. 13, I interview Tim Baran, Law Help NY manager at Pro Bono net.  Tim works with communities across the legal services, non-profit, and technology sectors to build solutions to help close the justice gap and expand access to legal help for low-income and vulnerable people.

I found my conversation with Tim very refreshing. It seems to me that Tim is an open minded realist He made many great points especially about how we need a high level of collaboration to solve the access to justice crisis.

You will want to listen to this episode if you are interested in knowing how 1 organisation is helping many other organisations to use tech to deliver legal information and connect people to lawyers, about sustainability of projects and measuring outcomes, and why we need to break down silos between different players in this space.

This interview will particularly appeal to you if you are a public service provider of legal resources, a community lawyer looking to incorporate digital projects, or if you’d just like to hear from someone working on the ground about the role for emerging technology and the opportunities before us right now.

Tim’s enthusiasm and desire to learn comes through in this interview.  I hope you’ll be inspired by his journey and his work.