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Reimagining Justice

Nov 17, 2022

In episode no. 90, my guest is Bridgette Toy-Cronin, Director, Civil Justice Centre,
Co-Director, Otago Centre for Law and Society and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Otago. We cover:

  • The access to justice issues in Aotearoa New Zealand;
  • Key aims of the ‘Wayfinding for civil justice’ project;
  • How the project commenced at the start of the pandemic with a hui;
  • The other jurisdictions the working group looked to for guidance on this project;
  • How the project is doing two related but different things at the same time;
  • Factors peculiar to Aotearoa New Zealand that are facilitating the entire process;
  • The diversity of the working group, and which organisations have made submissions to the consultation process;
  • Early findings about what will assist going forward;
  • Funding sources for this stakeholder-led strategy, and for the recommendations;
  • Gaps that have been identified through this work;
  • Different approaches to legal innovation in Aotearoa New Zealand;
  • The intersection of customary Māori law and the mainstream justice system;
  • How Māori principles are influencing procedure including process in the District Court, mediation and dispute resolution;
  • How ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’ are often conflated; and
  • Bridgette’s definition of legal innovation.

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