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Reimagining Justice

Oct 26, 2022

In episode no. 89 my guest is Fiona Kirkman, CEO and co-founder of FamilyProperty. We cover:

  • The functionality of expert system FamilyProperty that Fiona and her co-founder (husband!) Tim developed;
  • The journey of FamilyProperty from an idea to MVP, to market, to acquisition;
  • The integration of FamilyProperty with global practice management software, Smokeball bringing the ‘business of law’ together with effective delivery of legal advice;
  • How technology is always changing and the need for ongoing maintenance (especially when court forms change!);
  • The importance of beta testing and accurate data mapping;
  • Benefits of this use of technology for lawyers and clients;
  • What it is about the people that adopt these new methodologies and the organisations in which they work, including their size and what that means for change management;
  • The impact of the pandemic on the legal industry;
  • Where you fit on ‘the innovative scale’;
  • The importance of understanding users’ pain points and how technology can assist with that, as well as empower the professionals to do more of the ‘human work’;
  • Plans for scaling and expansion of FamilyProperty in the USA;
  • Unexpected uses of the financial aspects of FamilyProperty and a model that Legal Aid is piloting;
  • Constraints that Fiona and Tim have come up against recently;
  • The importance of confidentiality and cybersecurity;
  • Fiona’s 3 passions and how they relate to her numerous roles;
  • What lawyers will need to be effective mediators in the future; 
  • What is the ‘resolution revolution’?; 
  • The importance of collaborative practice and multidisciplinary input; 
  • When Fiona became comfortable with being labelled an ‘innovator’; 
  • What she is most proud of along the journey of both joys and challenges;
  • How technology is an enabler of access to justice; and
  • Fiona’s definition of legal innovation.

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