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Reimagining Justice

Sep 1, 2019

In this episode no. 18 I interview the first technology provider on the podcast! Dominique Simsion is Asia-Pacific Director of Consulting and Solutions at Neota Logic - the no code AI platform that enables the creation of intelligent web applications. Dominique explains what no-code document automation and expert systems are, the origins and evolution of the LawApps course which is a university course teaching project management and other skills that haven’t traditionally been part of a law degree.

She was very open about the challenges for community legal centres and the potential benefits to Neota Logic in providing the course and positive about the outcomes for students. We covered about the challenge of sustainability for IT projects, how to turn talk into action including her tips for incorporating innovation across a legal practice and Dominique had some particularly interesting views on innovation by press release and hackathons.

This episode will be of interest to lawyers wanting to understand how a no-code platform could work within their practice, community legal centres curious about how to incorporate technology, legal educators and law students interested in a legal tech program or practical experience.

While there is understandable investment on Neota Logic’s part in the future of its own business and growing the ecosystem of those familiar with its platforms, there is a genuine commitment within the constraints of the university program, to make it the best experience possible for the students and the community legal centres that Neota Logic aims to support.

It’s a really interesting example of collaboration between a technology provider, community law, universities and the private profession and it illustrates my point that everyone can play a part in improving access to justice.


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