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Reimagining Justice

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode no. 44 I interview Lucy Ricca, Executive Director at Office of Legal Services Innovation, Utah Supreme Court.

Lucy and I discuss what is arguably the most significant changes to the practice of law in the US in approximately 100 years including reducing economic restrictions around who can practice law to enable more innovation, more scale, and more access for consumers of legal services. We canvas how the current rules of legal regulation limit innovation and access to legal services, and most importantly what we can do about that.

This interview covers:

  • The key factors that led to establishing the Implementation Task Force on Regulatory Reform, especially how the task force progressed from theory to practice
  • The work of the task force including setting up the regulatory sandbox
  • What a regulatory sandbox is and its process for assessing risk
  • Key concerns from lawyers about the potential rule changes
  • The types of applications in the sandbox
  • What will make the biggest difference
  • Lucy’s definition of legal innovation


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