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Reimagining Justice

May 12, 2019

In this episode no. 10, I interview lawyer and entrepreneur Suzanna Kalendzhian.

Suzanna is Co-founder and CEO of Legal Advice Middle East, the AI-powered legal services marketplace which operates in 13 countries across the region and helps people to access justice by allowing them to find, communicate and transact with lawyers online.

In this episode Suzanna shares her personal journey as a female legal entrepreneur working in the middle east, why she believes in the vision of Legal Advice Middle East and how she maintains that belief during challenging times.

From this discussion you’ll gain an understanding of key factors for change management and how to gain momentum in your business or practice, options for what to do when you are faced with practising in an area you don’t specialise in, the best combination of skills for a legal tech start up and how to maintain a positive mindset.

You will want to listen to this episode if you are interested in entrepreneurship in a legal context and the role of regulation regarding legal tech initiatives, and making legal assistance more accessible.


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