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Reimagining Justice

Sep 13, 2022

In episode no. 86 I had the pleasure of speaking with John Lord, Co-founder and Chairman of long term sponsor of the podcast, Neota (formerly Neota Logic).

We discuss:

  • What John wants the world to know about no-code and why;
  • Some unintended consequences of no-code including hybrid working models;
  • How no-code supports the democratisation of information in both commercial and public interest contexts;
  • The areas of law that are suited to apps, what can be built, and how they help;
  • The scope of opportunity for legal technology both in terms of market and career choices;
  • The genesis of the university program that Neota now operates in 18 universities around the world and its involvement with pro bono;
  • Outcomes from university ‘Law Apps’ courses including an example of how Neota’s technology resulted in homes being repaired in a remote Aboriginal community;
  • How an app assists people to have criminal records expunged in the United States;
  • The meaning and relevance of the name ‘Neota’; and
  • John’s definition of legal innovation.

Proudly sponsored by Neota Logic!

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