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Reimagining Justice

Jan 24, 2022

In episode no. 70 my guest is lawyer, creator and producer of social project ‘Law for the Lay’, Clarissa Campbell. We discuss:

  • The project she began in 2019 to share the law with everyday people;
  • What happened that prompted her to actually start the project; 
  • How her personal and professional background influences her approach;
  • Her unique style using play and humour to share legal information;
  • How she chooses the topics that she covers;
  • Her legal and branding concerns relating to ‘Law for the Lay’;
  • How she selected which social media platform to use, and the challenge of staying up to date with how algorithms work;
  • What a “Lawfluencer” is;
  • Research she’s done for the project which shocked her;
  • Topics that have received unusual responses and how she handles those challenges;
  • The level of technical support she receives and how she manages her time;
  • Things she’s working to improve about her communication;
  • Other ways in which citizens’ legal awareness could be increased;
  • How acting on our own ‘agency’ and unique skills can assist others;
  • Given it is open to interpretation, I had to ask about her choice of name for the project;
  • Covid interruptions and future plans; and
  • Clarissa’s definition of legal innovation.

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