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Reimagining Justice

Nov 9, 2020

In this episode no. 46 I speak with Brendan Lacota, Head of Community Programs at Justice Connect and Vice-President of the Law Institute of Victoria.

This interview covers:

  • How online tools help and what technology was used to develop: FineFixer, Dear Landlord, Justice Connect Answers and
  • How to design an online tool
  • How to acquire skills to design an online tool
  • Insights Brendan has gained and why he still applies them
  • The best form of consumer facing legal technology right now and use cases for technology in the future
  • What has most surprised him over his time implementing technology into a legal practice
  • A specific product Justice Connect is developing to combat elder abuse
  • His priorities for service with the Law Institute of Victoria and Law Council of Australia
  • Brendan’s definition of legal innovation or, more particularly what it’s not!

Proudly sponsored by Neota Logic and Legally Yours.


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