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Reimagining Justice

Jan 18, 2021

Episode no. 49 features Elizabeth Shearer, President of the Queensland Law Society (“QLS”) and Founder of Affording Justice. Our discussion covers:

  • the impact of Covid19 on the profession;
  • what changes should remain;
  • the purpose of the QLS Access to Justice committee and the ‘scorecard’;
  • best uses for technology and the opportunity before the profession;
  • Elizabeth’s journey to establish Affording Justice;
  • how the Affording Justice model has evolved;
  • key takeaways from her Churchill Trust research into telephone delivery;
  • how to define success as a lawyer;
  • guidance on low bono and unbundling;
  • how Elizabeth will know she’s been a success as QLS President; and
  • Elizabeth’s definition of legal innovation!

Proudly sponsored by Neota Logic and Legally Yours.


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