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Reimagining Justice

Oct 11, 2022

In episode no. 88, my guest is Nicolas Patrick, Partner, Head of Responsible Business, DLA Piper. We cover:

  • Nic’s views on the potential of technology;
  • The reason for DLA Piper holding a forum on technology and access to justice in 2019;
  • The problem with digitising existing processes;
  • Why an international law firm without family law expertise, supports a Sydney based non-profit family law firm;
  • The way Wallumatta Legal operates and how it runs an efficient practice;
  • How pro bono provides insight into areas of unmet legal need;
    The different contributions that Macquarie University and DLA Piper bring to Wallumatta Legal;
  • What technology is used for at Wallumatta Legal and the software it relies upon;
  • Why Nic isn’t concerned about the digital divide in the context of
  • Wallumatta Legal given all its services are delivered online;
  • How Wallumatta Legal will improve access to justice across the sector;
  • Why they recruit a ‘different kind of lawyer’ at Wallumatta Legal;
  • The biggest challenge in the first six months of the firm’s operations;
  • Plans for scaling and expansion of this model into other jurisdictions and areas of law;
  • Why Nic thinks that there aren’t more low bono or alternative models servicing the needs of people at the lower end of the legal market;
  • The potential for regulatory reform to facilitate technology use and other models to improve justice outcomes for marginalised people;
  • The opportunity for firms to collaborate and establish a network of low bono and not-for-profit law firms; and
  • Nic’s definition of legal innovation.

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