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Reimagining Justice

Apr 12, 2021

Episode no. 55 is with Dominic Woolrych, Founder of Lawpath. Our discussion covers:

  • Lawpath’s origin story;
  • Its current business model including how the subscription service works;
  • The difference between “BigLaw”, “small law” and “tiny law”;
  • The role of law societies in supporting legal innovation;
  • Which software Lawpath uses and how it makes law “proactive”;
  • One thing that is stopping lawyers from improving process efficiencies;
  • Unexpected findings from surveying clients about legal design;
  • Whether professional regulation is inhibiting innovation and how to overcome regulatory barriers;
  • Whether clients should bear some risk in exchange for more affordable legal services;
  • Keys to Lawpath’s success (including raising funding, consistent income and client retention);
  • The multidisciplinary nature of the Lawpath team and how that assists the business;
  • Lawyers’ responses to having online reviews, and the connection with new business;
  • The one thing Dominic would have done differently on his entrepreneurial journey; and
  • Dominic’s definition of legal innovation!

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