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Reimagining Justice

Apr 26, 2021

Episode no. 56 is with Erin Levine, Founder and CEO of Hello Divorce. Our discussion covers:

  • Erin’s journey from lawyer to legal entrepreneur and why she can’t go back;
  • What Hello Divorce is and how it was inspired by Australian lawyers;
  • How technology is saving clients tens of thousands of dollars;
  • Key differences between traditional practice models and Hello Divorce;
  • What Erin has learned about people’s behaviour during divorce;
  • The process Erin undertook to develop the products and divorce navigator;
  • Whether you should build software or buy it off the shelf;
  • How Erin manages the issue of unauthorised practise of law;
  • The challenges and benefits of expanding Hello Divorce into more States;
  • Erin’s motivation for transparent pricing and subscription services;
  • Key differences between marketing Hello
  • Divorce and a traditional law firm;
  • How to develop trust online;
  • As a busy entrepreneur, how Erin maintains her wellbeing;
  • The one thing that has made the biggest difference to her business;
  • Erin’s definition of legal innovation!

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