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Reimagining Justice

Oct 14, 2019

In Episode no. 21 I interview the “father of incubators” Fred Rooney.

Fred generously shares his vast experience in establishing incubators in the US and other places around the world. From one program with nine students established around 15 years ago in New York, there are now over 70 programs worldwide training law graduates in areas of law that enable them to serve their local communities, as well as how to run a viable practice.

Incubators are unique training programs supported by a law school or law association as a way of addressing the issue of oversupply of law graduates and the growing levels of unmet legal needs. And through specific training in how to use legal skills to serve those who can’t afford typical legal fees, incubators are fulfilling the human need in lawyers who want to help those less fortunate.

This episode will be of special interest to legal educators wanting to ensure their graduate lawyers are ready for practice and to provide legal services to low and middle-income communities, and anyone interested in using their legal skills for the public good.

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