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Reimagining Justice

Mar 31, 2019

In this episode no. 7, I speak with Chrissie Lightfoot, a London based lawyer, creator of Robot Lawyer Lisa and CEO of Entrepreneur Lawyer, a global consulting company. Chrissie is an international speaker and author and last year was named one of the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Resource Center’s Women...

Mar 17, 2019

In this episode I speak with Katie Richards, lawyer, founder and CEO of online law firm Virtual Legal. 

Katie and her team are achieving their ambitious vision to deliver a sophisticated public self service legal system. Katie shares how she went from corporate lawyer to running an online law firm; practical and...

Mar 3, 2019

Today we hear from lawyer Melissa Moss, an access to justice strategist based in Florida.

With her extensive experience in legal aid organisations, Melissa has strong views on the best uses of technology, explains what “community lawyering” is in simple terms, and on a more personal note shares how she keeps up with...