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Reimagining Justice

Feb 15, 2021

Episode no. 51 features Professor Tania Sourdin, Dean and Head of University of Newcastle School of Law. Our discussion covers:

  • the impact of Covid19 on the profession;
  • what’s surprised her about online disputer resolution during the pandemic;
  • the difference between Supportive, replacement and disruptive tech;
  • the...

Feb 1, 2021

Episode no. 50 features Kanan Dhru. Our discussion covers:

  • What is user-friendly, people-centred justice;
  • The importance of data and evidence-based research;
  • HiiL’s justice dashboard;
  • Key factors for innovation at scale;
  • How the justice accelerator works;
  • The parallels between the medical and legal professions;
  • How HiiL...