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Reimagining Justice

Nov 18, 2021

In episode no. 68 my guest is serial public sector transformer, Pia Andrews. We discuss:

  • how her pursuit of “truth” led her to the open-source movement and working in policy development;
  • how technological tools relate to our quality of life;
  • ‘open source’ – its philosophy and implementation and the idea of...

Nov 1, 2021

In episode no. 67 I speak with Kate Briscoe, of LegalBeagles. The discussion covers:

  • how Kate’s inability to get a job played a part in starting LegalBeagles;
  • how LegalBeagles works today;
  • the large numbers of threads and visitors to the site;
  • the emerging areas of law covered by LegalBeagles;
  • who the volunteers are,...