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Reimagining Justice

Aug 16, 2021

Episode no. 62 is with Lindsay Greatorex, Community Liaison and Education Officer (West Kimberley) with Legal Aid Western Australia (LAWA). We discuss:

  • Blurred Borders - legal resource kits using visual art and storytelling to explain legal concepts in a culturally appropriate way
  • why the kits were developed and how the project got started
  • what sticks and rocks have to do with a bail process map
  • the number of kits that have been distributed and who uses them
  • the process the project team undertook to get the language and the art “right”
  • the importance of community outreach in remote areas
  • what accounts for the kits’ universal appeal
  • how an artist identified what was missing and what that meant for adoption of the project by the community
  • the form of user-centred design unique to this project
  • the importance of collaboration across sectors
  • the key benefits from the project
    some unintended consequences of the project
  • how community workers have used the resource in helpful ways in local language
  • the challenges of developing a project in such a remote area three times the size of the Tasmania (including the need for flexibility, high staff turnover and lack of understanding of the English language)
  • the importance of having the right people to maintain the relationships in community and to ensure that it was culturally appropriate
  • the tension between investing time to save time
  • how Legal Aid WA determines if the project is having impact
  • how the project engages clients and increases interaction
  • what Lindsay would do to expand this project if he had a magic want
  • whether technology would be appropriate for this application
  • future uses for the resource kits and
  • Lindsay’s definition of legal innovation!

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