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Reimagining Justice

Feb 3, 2019

Andrea speaks with Shannon Salter, chair of one of the world’s first online dispute resolution tribunals!

Shannon was very open about the challenges of establishing the Civil Resolution Tribunal, made surprising observations about how the service is being used by Canadians and the benefits of resolving disputes online.  

Her comments about how online dispute resolution is strengthening communities is fascinating.  Also listen in to find out what a wall has to do with the success of the tribunal (you can probably guess it’s nothing like the wall that’s been in the news lately!).

The theme for this episode is modelling a successful legal innovation project and it will be of interest to you if you have ever led a new project, work in the public sector or see the potential for online justice.

Tune in to Reimagining Justice to become part of a global community of changemakers in the law.


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