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Reimagining Justice

Jun 23, 2020

This is episode no. 37, with Associate Professor and Dean of law at Flinders University Tania Leiman in which we cover many highly current topics.

From history to the future, looking back in order to improve how we move forward, skills for lawyers of the future, how technology has evolved to make the law more accessible, what law students should know about Australia’s place in the world and being a global citizen, how to increase legal literacy, the role of law in all our lives, how Flinders University is delivering all that in their new curriculum, the tension between doctrinal knowledge and skills development including the relevance of the Priestly 11, how regulation is meant to protect the consumer, the value of legal education and Tania’s position on legal innovation.

Tania sees technology as a tool for promotion of human rights and social justice. In this interview she very clearly describes how law binds our society together and the important and interconnected role of law schools, lawyers and regulators.

You should listen to this interview if you are a law student wanting to understand the skills you will need for the future, a lawyer interested in using technology to connect with your clients or the type of mindset you need to innovate your service delivery, an educator committed to providing the most value through the process of legal education or a regulator concerned about protecting the legal consumer.

Through leading the implementation of the new law curriculum Tania is certainly an educator putting the student at the centre.

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