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Reimagining Justice

Oct 28, 2019

In today’s episode no. 22, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Katie who is currently the Deputy commissioner of IBAC in Victoria and who in 2015 as then President of the Law Institute of Victoria wrote a paper “Disruption, Innovation and Change”. Her reasons for doing that research were quite unexpected, as was the connection she draws between tech, atj and her happy place the queen Victoria market!

You will gain a lot from this episode if you are a legal tech start up or technology company looking to partner with justice organisations or working in an organisation and responsible for implementing new projects.

Katie shares her definition of failure and the importance of leadership. We had a wide ranging discussion covering why solutions can’t be imported wholesale from other jurisdictions, tips for responding to people and organizations at different stages of their innovation journeys, how incorporated legal practices are relevant to innovation, challenges of implementing new technology in a government context and for community legal centres, and especially what’s needed with an organization before you consider collaborating on innovation projects.

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